Recently I got a call from the Vice-President’s office at Colby College. “Could I make a glass award for an honoree?”  They sent a sample photo of a decorative fused slab of glass mounted on a glass pedestal base. The sample was not at all what they wanted other than it being glass.

“Why yes,” I replied, “Yes, I can.” A back and forth of conversations, proto-types and revisions yielded the finished piece. Starting with the Colby type logo and a photograph of the iconic library tower on campus, we began working with placement and color. Using a 4” x 7” field, the silk screened graphics were fused onto base glass of white streaky and cobalt blue.  The glass pedestal base is inscribed with the name of the award, the recipient’s name, and date.

Thanks to Colby College, in Waterville ME, for the desire to use a Maine artist for the piece and to Terrill Waldman, of Tandem Glass in Dresden ME, for forwarding the job to me. Terrill is a glass blower and knew right away the piece Colby needed should be executed by a kiln glass artist, not a blower.

I hope the recipient is as happy as I am with the finished piece!

Pictured here are some glass pieces before they were fused, previous prototypes and the finished piece:

Bullseye GlassCustom Glass AwardCustom Glass AwardCustom Glass Award